Jalapeño Orange seeds

Jalapeño Orange

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Seeds in packet:  10
Scoville units:  7.000  
Heat level:  Mild
Species:  Capsicum annuum

Jalapeño peppers (Capsicum annuum) have a slightly curved, conical shape and are blunt towards the end.

These peppers are very suitable for use in salads, grilled or as a spice for tacos, burgers, ideal for fillings, etc. And because they are not very spicy, they are also suitable for raw consumption. The orange variety is very sweet and juicy.

The plant can grow to about 60 cm in a pot and becomes larger if you plant it in the open ground. Easy to grow and maintain. The peppers can become large about 9 cm long and 4 cm wide, start green and finish warm orange. They would be excellent for stuffing or making Jalapeño poppers.

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