Big Mama Big Mustard Mama seeds

Big Mama Big Mustard Mama

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Seeds in packet:  10
Heat level:  Extreme
Scoville units:  1.000.000  
Species:  Capsicum chinense

The Big Mustard Mama Pepper is a brilliant creation by Louisiana gardener and grower Troy Pimeaux. This strain is a mix of the Naga Morich and Trinidad Douglah. Do you like extreme heat? Then this strain is definitely worth it!

The wrinkly, gnarled Big Mustard Mama tastes fruity and a bit citrusy with an intense heat that you feel at the back of your throat for a long time. When properly cared for, the Big Mama plant can grow to over a meter tall and produce an abundance of chillies.

The Big Mustard Mama Pepper is excellent for making hot sauce. Another great option is to dry and grind into a volcanic powder.

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