Chocolate Bhutlah seeds

Chocolate Bhutlah

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Seeds in pack:  10
Heat level:  Extreme
Scoville units:  2.000.000  
Species:  Capsicum chinense

The Chocolate Bhutlah is a unique cross between Ghost pepper Red (aka Bhut Jolokia) and 7-Pot Douglah Brown. The unripe peppers are green, and ripen to a chocolate brown color. Often used in hot sauces, although they are also used for adding heat to soups, salsas, and stews.

In terms of hotness, the Chocolate Bhutla can be compared to the Bhut Jolokia. This species is not yet stable. There may be differences in the shape and color of the peppers.

Warning: Using this pepper requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and breathing protection.

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