Chilhuacle Negro seeds

Chilhuacle Negro

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Seeds in pack:  10
Heat level:  Spicy
Scoville units:  2.000  
Species:  Capsicum sp.

This is a rare variety from Oaxca, Mexico. There are two other varieties in that region that have a similar name. The Chilhuacle Amarillo (Golden Orange) and the Chilhuacle Rojo (Red). These three peppers are the heart and soul of Oaxacan cooking, especially when making Mole dishes. The Chilhuacle chilis must be roasted and peeled first, as the outer skin can be a little tough.

The Chilhuacle Negro has a very sweet and smoky taste. The fruit grows about 2 cm in diameter and has a small apple-like shape. They ripen from green to chocolate brown.

They are very suitable for drying and grinding into powders. The Chilhuacle Negro chili plants can grow to almost one meter. This is a very mild pepper. Similar in heat to the Jalapeño.

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