7-Pot Primo Yellow seeds

7-Pot Primo Yellow

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Seeds in packet:  10
Scoville units:  1.000.000  
Heat level:  Extreme
Species:  Capsicum chinense

The legendary 7-Pot series comes from Trinidad and there are many different versions, including the 7-Pot Primo Red, 7-Pot White and the 7-Pot Douglah Brown. It is related to the Scorpion pepper Red and has a rough skin, with a ribbed texture and a more fruity taste.

They ripen from green to yellow and have bumpy skin. One of the hottest in the world with a Scoville of over 1.4 million! It is said that a single pepper can spice 7 pots of stew. To increase the chances of good germination, a constant compost temperature of 28° - 30° is recommended. Germination can be slow, taking three weeks or more. Plants can reach 1 meter in height.

Warning: Using this pepper requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and breathing protection.

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