Explosive Ember Chili seeds

Explosive Ember Chili

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Seeds in pack:  10
Heat level:  Spicy
Scoville units:  30.000 - 50.000  
Species:  Capsicum sp.

Explosive Ember Chilli from unknown origin. It’s is a compact and bushy ornamental with a beautiful foliage. The plant grows to about 30 cm tall, so it would be perfect for pots or window sills. The leaves have a deep purple/blackish colour and the conical pods start off purple, then turn to a deep red upon ripening.

This chilli plant is very easy to grow, an awesome producer and a fantastic looking plant. It will be a stunning addition to any garden.

They pack plenty of heat, too (30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units). Then sweetness makes it tastier than what you’ll typically find among ornamentals.

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