Komodo dragon Red seeds

Komodo dragon Red

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Seeds in pack:  10
Heat level:  Extreme
Scoville units:  1.400.000 - 2.000.000  
Species:  Capsicum chinense

Blistering hot is the only way to describe the Komodo Dragon pepper. With a spiciness that rivals (but doesn’t quite beat) the Carolina reaper Red this super-hot chili is no doubt for extreme eaters only. Like the Ghost pepper Red, it has a “sneaky heat”, a slow burn that allows a lovely fruity flavor to set before knocking your socks off.

Like many other super-hots, there’s a tasty fruitiness to the flavor. During the slow build-up you can actually enjoy this chili’s fruitiness, until the hammer falls. Then, the flavor is simply heat…and lots of it.

As this is a chili for extreme eaters (and its simply too hot to eat without dilution), its use cases fall into the typical ones for extreme chilies. It makes a wicked hot chili pepper for extreme hot sauces and salsas (use very moderately). And like 7 pot peppers, one Komodo Dragon can be used to heat multiple pots of chili (just a little sliver diced goes a long, long way).

Warning: Using this pepper requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and breathing protection.

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